About Me

John Reese

Hi, I'm John Reese.

Since 1993 I have been specialising in French tourism. Based in New Zealand I often travel and extensively through France selecting rental villas and apartments, meeting wonderful locals and throwing myself into the depths of the history of Europe.

Having completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree and working for an industrial family owned business, I was determined to make a change. This was the perfect business for my family, as I was determined that my two children were brought up with an international perspective on life, whilst being surrounded by history and beauty! My children are now young adults with my daughter Sarah living and working Paris, and my son Alex involved in developing educational centres for slum kids in the sub-Continent.

My greatest thrill in life, other than my own family, is to help and be involved in someone’s holiday in France. For independent travellers I want you to be immersed in charming locations, supported by my own friends. For these travellers I offer a human-touch to their touring which can’t be achieved by multi-searches of large websites (no-one pays me for ratings!). For travellers joining my escorted tours I can think of nothing better than introducing you to history, people and glorious place.

Come travel with me in France! Imagine!