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Earthquake in Christchurch - Help!

Posted: 2011-02-22

I was sitting in my office in Christchurch, working away diligently as always, but then everything changed.


Oh my God, book cases flew across the room, my computer was thrown off my desk. I was grasping at my desk to stop me from being thrown to the floor. I was on my own. Where were my family? Oh God, where were my family?

I sent a text message out to my wife, daughter and son. "are you OK? And I waited.

Those were the longest five minutes of my life as I waited. "I'm OK" came in three times! Phew, we're OK.

And then one by one they came home! JOY.

We've just had a devastating earthquake in my home town, Christchurch. We're OK, but hundreds and thousands aren't. The centre of our city, that my great-grandfather and my grand father helped to build has been flattened. But we're OK.

We've had no power for the last ten hours, no water, no sewage, but we are together and OK. There are people trapped in buildings across the centre of our city. Please think of them. There are thousands of homeless sleeping outside tonight (in the rain). Please think of them. On top of all that we are getting quakes every ten minutes which we should be used to, but these are different.

I am lucky to have friends all around the world, and while our power has just come on, I have a moment with internet access to let you know that we are OK. Our Prime Minister has said "we are a city in agony". My family agree with him.

The days ahead will be sad as we try and understand it all. We have read of so much trauma and sadness throughout the world in the last few weeks, and secretly I'd like things to turn around for the better.

Love to you all!