France the French way


Summer in Europe

Posted: 2011-09-08

How many hours do you have in a day? Never enough!

Over the last two months I have been escorting tour groups through Portugal and France. Every minute of each day I have been moved by beautiful views, interesting people, and offered the chance to share with other people my knowledge of history and life in Europe.

But when you are travelling for long periods of time from a suitcase and the glove box of a bus, some things have had to give. Travel blogging has been one thing that has had to take a back seat in the short term. But I am now back living out of my home wardrobe and am ready again to share with you a range of enticing and rich stories of travelling through France and elsewhere.

One place I was especially moved by on my travels was Portugal, and I look forward to the opportunity to take more travellers back there in the future.

Lisbon was completely rebuilt following the 1755 earthquake.

Of course all New Zealanders have been deeply affected by the Christchurch earthquakes over the last year, and for me Lisbon was a beacon of hope for us all. Lisbon was devastated by an earthquake over 200 years ago and seeing their rebuild was extraordinary, and I look forward to sharing with you stories on this. Even while touring through this rebuilt city from 200 years ago, my own family were living in a hotel as our house was being re-built from the results of our own quake – but on a personal aside, after 12 weeks of living in a hotel my family have now returned to our repaired house with level floors, walls, and ceilings, and it’s bliss to be back!

I travelled back to Provence with its vibrant colours and smells and look forward to sharing my stories of our visits to beautiful gardens and even the local bullfighting!

Provencale Bull Fighting - Jeux Provencaux

Vincent Van Gogh was such a tortured soul and I especially enjoyed taking people to the auberge just outside of Paris, where he last lived (and where he died), to sample food – the same meals that he dined on 120 years ago. I will share these menus with you in the months ahead!

So although I have been away from the blogosphere, I have been busy entertaining travellers and myself with the joys of travelling through France and Europe, and look forward to sharing my travels with you in the weeks ahead.