1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
This lovely apartment is located only 400m to the east of Place Bastille. The entrance of this atypical rental in Paris leads to an entirely open space in a stylish and friendly atmosphere. The light color and the natural wood accents (wood flooring, furniture) are dominant in the apartment; so as to capture the natural light that this place enjoys throughout the day.
This is located in a now trendy part of Paris, and the street does not fail to attract the hip restaurants of the capital like the famous Italian trattoria East Mamma, famous for its pizzas as well as for its queue! The second most important place is none other than the restaurant Septime, which seduces you with its refined French gastronomy in a cozy setting. Finally, the gourmet address not to be missed under any circumstance: pastry chef and pastry star Cyril Lignac located on 24 rue Paul Bert.
Shopping addresses are not left out; we still find, alongside international brands, traditional brands, such as La Botte Gardiane, of unfailing loyalty to the expertise in the making of the traditional boot of the Camargue guards.
A well-equipped apartment with very good access all over Paris from the Place Bastille. Your nearest metro is of course at “Bastille”.
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