Independent Tours

Collect your Car. Drive-Off. Explore.

Many people enjoy holidaying like this with no plan at all, just following the whims and fancies of the day! If you are lucky you will have a wonderful time, if you are unlucky you will find the hotels are full, and the places they stay in are forgettable!

Let me put together a holiday outline for you which will take you through the villages on the backroads, staying in absolutely charming hotels and meeting charming people.

Much better having a framework of hotels, villas etc for your holiday. Then you will have the freedom of exploration while staying for three or four nights at each place. Let me put you in charming places, and to have completely unforgettable memories of each place you visit. No Google searches required. Stay with friends!

It costs no more to stay in a glorious room that it does to stay in a dreadful place!! That’s true.

Let me design a holiday outline for you. Just contact me directly or visit the Contact section. I will prepare an outline itinerary for you to dream over, and give you a quotation for that holiday.

Prior to departure you will receive a very detailed itinerary giving you personalised step by step instructions, including recommendations to restaurants, driving circuits, picnic spots, and tips for travelling in France - I help you every kilometre of the way!!

Close your eyes and imagine it all!