France the French way


Walking in the Shadows!

Posted: 2010-07-14
It was 38 degrees in the shade as we walked through the centre of town. The main street was almost empty as people chose to walk down side streets that offered shade from the searing summer sun. In fact wherever you walk you are looking for shade where you can escape from the intense heat of summer.

Split – A Living Museum.

Posted: 2010-07-04
Why is it that when I mention to anyone about the “Fall of the Roman Empire” most people snigger!

The Seduction of Perfection!

Posted: 2010-07-02
In the film “A Year by the Lake” Vanessa Redgrave spent one seductive month living aimlessly in her luxury hotel overlooking the beautiful Lake Como.

Music Mayhem in France!

Posted: 2010-06-24
Get your diary out and mark in this date – 21 June! This is the day every year when France celebrates music of any kind, from the north to the south, the west to the east.

Vivaldi for my 50th Birthday!

Posted: 2010-06-19
What am I going to do for my 50th birthday?

Itinerary Planning in France

Posted: 2010-06-08
After nearly twenty years of designing itineraries for travellers in France, this is a typical question I receive daily.

Why I love Willy Ronis!

Posted: 2010-05-25
Every time I see one of his photographs, I just want to…hug it! So what is it that I love so much about the works of Willy Ronis?

Jardin on the Champs Elysees

Posted: 2010-05-25

Taking Eco to a New Level.

During the last two days in Paris ‘the most beautiful avenue in the world’ has transformed itself into a garden.

I Can’t Wait for Roland Garros!

Posted: 2010-05-19
I love playing tennis, and always dream of being able to hit a forehand winner just like Rafael Nadal. Hopefully my tennis partners will say “but you do John”! Anyway not long to wait for the real thing as Rafa fronts up on 23 May for the 2010 Roland Garros.

Where is the Cannes Film Festival?!

Posted: 2010-05-14
So where’s the Cannes Film Festival being held this year?” – Christina Aguleira (2010)

Touring at the Monaco Grand Prix

Posted: 2010-05-10
Everyone who travels to the south of France has a fascination with traveling to Monaco and the chance to walk around Monte Carlo. People walk to see the Royal Palace (home to the late and beautiful Princess Grace and Prince Rainier), the obscenely luxurious boats in the harbour, the cars that only appear in dreams and James Bond movies, the Casino, and rich and famous people who live here, before the leave to see other sights along the coast.

Paris Metros Crack Me Up!

Posted: 2010-05-06
Catching metros around Paris is very easy to do. Don’t hesitate. If you are in Paris for a few days or more you are best to purchase a “Carnet” of ten tickets from a ticket office in a metro station – you use one ticket per person for each journey. You can also use these tickets to catch buses. These cost about 11 Euros for 10 tickets, so it is a very affordable way of getting around Paris.

Andrew Mehrtens in Paris

Posted: 2010-04-30
Today as I write this entry (28 April) my daughter Sarah is celebrating her 21st birthday in Paris. Also she shares this birthday with the NZ rugby star, Andrew Mehrtens.

Mayday, Mayday!

Posted: 2010-04-27
In a few days time it will be May 1st.  If you are travelling in France you need to be wary that this is a very “public holiday”.  Shops are closed, transport could be compromised and if you are in Paris particularly you may even encounter a few student protests (if you are on the Left Bank).

Frenchmen – Watch out Girls!

Posted: 2010-04-23
My daughter Sarah continues living in Paris and regularly shares with us her experiences. You may enjoy her latest!

Palais Garnier Opera – Paris

Posted: 2010-04-21
One of the places that most people know of, but seldom visit in Paris is the Palais Garnier. People seem to be too busy rushing off to Galleries Lafayette or Printemps to shop, than to pause and see this gem of a building.

Europe Travel Update

Posted: 2010-04-21
Bit by bit travel in and out of France and Europe is improving.

Travel Update

Posted: 2010-04-20
As of Monday evening (Europe time) airlines are beginning to start flying on a limited basis, and over the next 24 hours significant changes to scheduling should occur. For those travellers on long hauls flights from Australia and New Zealand here is the status of various airlines to Europe.

Trains in Chaos Too!

Posted: 2010-04-19
As if total air travel chaos in Europe wasn’t enough over the last three days there have been train strikes in France.

Volcano’s Air Travel Disruption

Posted: 2010-04-19
As you will be aware European air travel has been thrown in to chaos due to the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano.

Train Tickets in France

Posted: 2010-04-14
For anyone requiring to purchase a train ticket for their holiday in France it is very easy to do this online.

Car Leasing vs Car Rental

Posted: 2010-04-08
When it comes to hiring a car for your holidays in France one of the things that concerns me is the way many travelers rush in to their decision for renting a car.

Crewing on a Canal Barge

Posted: 2010-04-07

Today I received a visit from some clients who had booked a canal boat holiday in 2005. So much did they enjoy their time that they decided that they would buy a barge and spend six months every year cruising the waterways of France. “It’s all your fault John”, they happily accused me!

Technology of Travel

Posted: 2010-04-06
Since 1993 I have been involved with assisting travellers put together their holidays in France. Back then I used a fax machine to enquire about availabilities at hotels, although even then some hotels were only accessable via the normal postal system! In the mid 1990s I started my first web site, and by the year 2000, maybe only half of my suppliers in France were still relying on the fax machine.